Women Goddess Circle


Sunday 26th June, 16.00, £35

At Summer Solstice we enjoy the longest day. The sun is at its power radiating warmth and light. The nature in the parks and woods are bursting with life. The animals and birds are active, the herbs are ready for picking, the fruits of summer begin to ripen and Summer begins. The fertile and growing season comes to a peak and we move into the abundant, harvest and wisdom part of the year.

On Sunday my partner and I, as celebrants, will hold space for a solstice celebration of Transformation! We will create sacred space, call in the elemental energies, the fae, the power of the Sun and Goddess in releasing worries and limitations from the past year. As we welcome the light of the Sun and abundance of the Earth, the God and Goddess aspects made manifest in nature we can claim OUR Royalty – our inner light and to en-joy life from this.

Our Solstice celebration will take place in sacred space that we create in nature. We connect with the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and the Center to bring their qualities into our celebration and assist in our transformation. We invite the faeries and the elemental Dragons (guardians of wisdom and transformation!) to celebrate. We receive blessings from the divine marriage of the God (Sun) and Goddess (Earth). We take time to reflect on our achievments and purify and renew for the season ahead.

In the ceremony we will:

Cleanse and purify with herbs

Water blessing

Releasing ritual into the Solstice fire.

Jumping the balefire for purification and renewal (our representation of this!)

Sharing and divination

‘Cakes & Ale’

To join reply to this email lisabetta@harmonious-healing.com before 4pm on 20th Saturday.


I shall be connecting with you through the ether as we gather in our virtual circle via live zoom.  The moon has many mysteries to share with those who seek her guidance and wisdom.  Women have gathered for millenia at the full moon to celebrate our innate creative power and to honour our intuitive wisdom and knowledge.  The moon’s 29 day cycle of increase, fullness and decrease mimicks our own menses cycle within the month with similar ebb and flow.  The moon hold secrets and keys to our own creative cycle, healing and self empowerment?  From my personal experience and those who have regularly joined my circles, the answer is definitive Yes!

So what do we do?  Each full moon and new moon has a particular flavour according to which star sign is influencing the moon on that day.  The star sign impacts a special quality and energy that we can harness and work with to improve and heal a particular part of our lives; relationships, home, work, health, love, creative and spiritual growth.

Each circle is unique as the energy of that moon is unique, the day is unique, the year is unique and the participants bring their unique and beautiful energy into each circle. But to give an idea we will generally cover the following:

  • An outline of this moon’s particular qualities and flavour and how we can best utilize for our well being and magikal workings.
  • Some body work to release stress and prepare our energy for relaxation, meditation and magikal workings.
  • Create inner sacred space
  • Sometimes we evoke a particular Goddess that has resonance with a season, or moon phase.
  • A simple Moon ritual
  • A chance to do divination, pull cards and tune into guidance to resolve or undertand a particular issue or block in our lives.
  • Sharing and laughing!

You will be surprised how much of this moon connection will make ‘sense’ to you and how you will re-aquant yourself with the ancient healing and forgotten mysteries of the moon and reawake to the marvel of our own body cycle and deeper spiritual divine feminine essence.  Qualities that are much needed in our own live and the greater world for balance and harmony.  Hope to see you at one of my circle soon.



Post lockdown and coronovirus we may once again gather for monthly face to face classes. Until then I am hosting online women circles focussing on the New and Full Moon and celebrations of the 8 Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year; celebrating and harnessing the seasonal energy of the creative cycle; Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas, Autumn Equinox.  We learn to truely understand, honour and live in harmony with Mother Earth and the forces of nature, the sun and moon.

Much Love, Lisabetta.

Below is a little bit more about these circles:

It is time for realising that women are Divine and have a powerful, potent spiritual legacy and heritage, of which the world is in much need, if we are to come to Balance us a collective human race and trust in the path of Love and collaboration.

Each month we focus on a theme and an aspect of the Great Goddess through:

  • Ancient myths, aligning with the natural cycles of nature, harnessing the energy of nature and the universe and understanding and celebrating the 8 Ancient Celtic festivals (the Celtic Wheel of the Year).

Through meditating with aspects of Goddess in different cultures and pantheons we begin to intergrate the Goddess within.

Life is a cycle, a beginning, middle and end.


Thus too, we can understand the Great Goddess manifested from the Divine Feminine in her 3 aspects;  Maiden, Mother, Crone.  Every Goddess shines the quality of one of these aspects and some all 3.

  • What the circle activities include? We allow time for contemplation, meditation, ritual, healing practises, growing awareness and sharings.
  • When? The full moon, the new moon and the 8 Celtic festivals are potent times to gather and share and this has been the case for 10,000 yrs or more.
  • Why do women gather for spiritual practise?.  Because we are Active in the Spiritual realm as men are Active in the physical realm.

So intuition, heightened awareness, inner knowing and that quiet voice within is our wisdom and our connection to higher knowledge.  It’s time we use our gifts productively to make positive changes in our community and beyond.  We have the ability and the gifts to manifest change, for we all come from the same source, the cosmic womb of unlimited potential.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life, your circumstances, feelings, emotions and thought and want to have control of them?.  Not surpress them but face them, allow them and in the process Know Yourself. 

Know Yourself Body, Soul and Spirit and create the life you want in Light and Love and share that with your tribe.  If so then the Goddess calls to you!

1 thought on “Women Goddess Circle

  1. I love what I read on your website. Already fall in love with it. Please send me some info about any upcoming events or classes.

    I will be joining this Sunday meditation class at 9.30am.

    I look forward meeting you.

    Kind regards

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