Women Goddess Circle

Women Goddess Circle is on Sunday 29th September 2019. 5-7.30pm.

I shall be hosting an Equinox Women Circle to see in the season of Autumn. This is a transformational season with vivid colours in nature, a wind change, golden sunsets. It is harvest, gratitude and a busy time. A time of change after the hot stillness of Summer. We get busy preparing for the end of the year. So let us pause and take time out to really energetically connect with this time and bring balance and equilibrium to ourselves. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to gather and be still, share, support and be nurtured. We shall meditate for balance and consolidating the year so far. We shall create Herbal Magikal Pouches for either prosperity, protection or prophetic dreams..

Connecting with nature’s cycle of change and re-generation to regenerate ourselves.  Knowing when to be active and when to rest will support our life force and feed our soul and heart. All is about balance and knowing how to work and connect with Nature’s and Universal energy helps us to balance our body, soul and spirit and realise that we too are magi’s of own our lives and not mere pawns in the game of life!.

  • Meditation/Visualisation on Gratitude
  • Seasonal ritual
  • Consolidation of the year
  • Making Herbal Magikal pouches
  • and more…

Almost fully booked, so email Lisabetta asap to book the last few places.

Venue:  TBA

Price: £30


Monthly class for women to gather and re-discover the Divine Feminine principal within our conscious and unconcious mind. 

It is time for realising that women are Divine and have a powerful, potent spiritual legacy and heritage, of which the world is in much need, if we are to come to Balance us a collective human race and trust in the path of Love and collaboration.

Each month we focus on a theme and an aspect of the Great Goddess through:

  • Ancient myths, aligning with the natural cycles of nature, harnessing the energy of nature and the universe and understanding and celebrating the 8 Ancient Celtic festivals (the Celtic Wheel of the Year).

Through meditating with aspects of Goddess in different cultures and pantheons we begin to intergrate the Goddess within.

Life is a cycle, a beginning, middle and end.

Thus too, we can understand the Great Goddess manifested from the Divine Feminine in her 3 aspects;  Maiden, Mother, Crone.  Every Goddess shines the quality of one of these aspects and some all 3. Triple_goddess_greeting_card

  • What the circle activities include? We allow time for contemplation, meditation, ritual, healing practises, growing awareness and sharings.
  • When? The full moon, the new moon and the 8 Celtic festivals are potent times to gather and share and this has been the case for 10,000 yrs or more.
  • Why do women gather for spiritual practise?.  Because we are Active in the Spiritual realm as men are Active in the physical realm.

So intuition, heightened awareness, inner knowing and that quiet voice within is our wisdom and our connection to higher knowledge.  It’s time we use our gifts productively to make positive changes in our community and beyond.  We have the ability and the gifts to manifest change, for we all come from the same source, the cosmic womb of unlimited potential.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life, your circumstances, feelings, emotions and thought and want to have control of them?.  Not surpress them but face them, allow them and in the process Know Yourself. 

Know Yourself Body, Soul and Spirit and create the life you want in Light and Love and share that with your tribe.  If so then the Goddess calls to you!





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