Energy Healing Session (Emotional Cord Release & Starseed Healing)Rebecca. – After my session with Lisabetta I couldn’t stop smiling – I felt so at peace, full of energy and tuned in with my intuition. I felt fantastic! I have no doubt that she is a talented practitioner, and I look forward to seeing her again

Magical Moon Circle Rachael – Morning Lisabetta! Happy full moon 🌕 I just opened the little folded paper that I made in one of your circles months ago. It has been sat by my bed for ages with a crystal. It’s beautiful to revisit what I was calling in and to feel how things have shifted in the right direction since. Thank you.

My friend Karen just messaged me to say : I wanted to request that you share my very warmest of gratitude to Lisabetta for allowing me to be a part of the ritual. It was deeply moving and powerful, in ways I’m still processing. Truly magical. I fully plan to honor the moon cycles exactly how she said.

Sunday Meditation class Jean S.  – I am so pleased I started mediation with Lisabetta. I am a very restless person and initially, especially the part of the mediation where it is silent, I found it hard to stay in my seat and wanted to get up and leave.  I persevered and now cannot put into words how much I love it and how beneficial to my overall well being I find it.  I am now able to totally relax at the Sunday sessions and afterward feel that I am floating on air and can face the world. I am convinced that it is one of the things that has helped me regain my life and improve my general health after almost three years of illness.  Thank you Lisabetta.

Women Goddess CircleA.S. – The knowledge and insight, which is all connected together is totally absorbing and empowering as a woman.  Lisabetta is supportive, sensitive and fantastic guide to spirituality and a holistic approach.  The combination of exercises, information, meditation and discussion within the group is absorbing and enriching.

Energy HealingsS. PatelThe variety of energy healings offered by Lisabetta have allowed me to become grounded and find some peace once again amongst the stresses and strains of everyday life, pure zen. Would wholeheartedly recommend any of her treatments.

Shiatsu – M. O’Neil  I was experiencing back pain even though I had had sessions with my chiropractor, I decided to have some sessions of Shiatsu with Lisabetta.  The improvements in my back pain is incredible. Lisabetta has a calm, gentle and peaceful presence which made me feel completely relaxed and she gently feels and treats points on the body with gently pressure.  She treats the person holistically. I have found this treatment totally beneficial and would highly recommend Lisabetta.

ShiatsuPaul – Just to let you know my shoulders are feeling so much better. Tiny bit of pain but amazingly supple now.   Have not felt like this for so long, forgot how they should feel! Thank you for your healing.

Energy Healing (Emotional Cord Release plus Starseed Healing)Jo – Just to say it was excellent thanks and I feel so calm and focused as a result. Please pass my thanks on to Lisabetta and I look forward to working with her again in the future.