Aura Healing

aura photo

Our Aura (energy field around the physical body) is beautiful and supports our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

And just like our physical body our aura can become tired and polluted by modern life and stress and benefits greatly from regular ‘cleaning’ and healing.
Your own stress, thoughts and emotions and other peoples negativity can effect our aura causing blockages, that impede our ability to flow positive energy and light, retain good health and manifest our desires in our lives.

This healing repairs and heals the 7 etheric layers of the working aura which are most effected by our lifestyle and bring your energy field to optimum health and vitality.

More Light and energy in the aura means increased flow and vitality in your body, mind and spirit, helping you in all aspects of your life.

This treatment will take place whilst seated in a chair or lying on a massage couch.  Your energy is scanned for inconsistency in the 7 layers and any blocks removed.  Light is channelled in its place to heal and realign.  As a consequence the 7 chakras are also healed and balanced.

This is non-intrusive and gentle healing suitable for everybody.