Adam Kadmon DNA Activation

The complete 24 strand DNA Activation.

The Adam Kadmon is a powerful yet gentle transformative healing that empowers all aspects of your life.

Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a physical and Divine being. It is sacred, holy and is unique to YOU because it holds the encoded information regarding your physical and spiritual lineage.

The activation enables also the manifestation of the Lightbody:

  • Your etheric DNA is infused with light, awakening dormant aspects encoded within you allowing you to manifest your spiritual and physical gifts, abilities and talents.

As you begin to integrate the Light body, you begin to live more in the now and flow with more light and more positive and healing frequencies.

The activation will awaken physical and spiritual gifts and abilities that have lied dormant within. Now you can be conscious of them and manifest them in your life.

Everyone can benefit from the Activation.

The activation will help to lift your energy and give you the energy and clarity to eliminate the blockages and start moving forward with your life.

AK Activation benefits:

  • More positive energy making you feel better and positive.
  • Awakening of spiritual gifts and abilities
  • More clarity and vitality.
  • Clearer ability to manifest
  • Stronger Intuition and new chakra system.
  • Clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns
  • More awareness of your soul connection and life purpose

before and after life activation aura

1.5 hour session includes:

  • Full balancing of your energy field.
     increases your ability to receive and hold light.
  • Activation: An infusion of light awakening the divine codes of who you are. Clears blocks and stagnancy
  • Reading: A personal reading providing insight from both a physical body perspective as well as your spiritual evolution.
  • Includes: Aftercare cleansing elixirs and bath salts.

You only need to have this session once.  A follow up ‘tune up’ energy session is recommended within 6 months of your Activation which can be helpful to integrate the new energy.

90 mins session, £95 plus £25 for cleansing elixirs.

Sessions on Sunday,  Wednesday and Thursday.

The Little Escape, 4 Paxton Mews, Off Westow Street, Crystal Palace.  SE193RW.

To find out more please contact Lisabetta to arrange your FREE consultation: email