Adam Kadmon Activation (TM) – The 24 Strand DNA Lightbody Activation

Uplift into the Lightbody vibration for enlightened spiritual and personal growth, soul purpose, heightened intuition, spiritual abilities and gifts revealed, family karma cleansed, and more energy to create and live from.

This is a must for anyone on a spiritual path and keen on personal and spiritual development. This is an upgrade to your consciousness for this unique time of our human family evolution. One session is all you need and will include a full cleanse and balancing before receiving the activation. Book a 90 minute Energy Healing Session for this modality. £137 including cleansing morning and evening elixirs.

This modality is an empowering and transformative healing that enhances your life force and awakens dormant spiritual and physical gifts and abilities.

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Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a physical and spiritual person. It is sacred, holy and is unique to you because it is has the encoded information regarding your physical and spiritual lineage.  85% of this information is dormant, meaning it has not been activitated within you.  Science calls this ‘junk’ DNA.  Using a special light crystal an infusion of light is channelled into specific points to ‘light up’ the DNA and thus bring to the forefront of your consciousness your deeper intuitive gifts and be more awareness of your personal and spiritual gifts and connection.  Your soul connection will be stronger and align you with your life purpose.

The infusion of light will enable your body to hold more light and a higher vibration of positive energy.  This is known as the Lightbody.  In this new consciousness that the plantet and human family are evolving into, having the lightbody activated will help greatly to release old dense vibration from your body and access naturally the higher energies that will benefit you to create the life you desire.

  • Your etheric DNA is infused with light, awakening dormant aspects encoded within you allowing you to manifest your spiritual and physical gifts, abilities and talents.

As you begin to integrate the Light body, you begin to live more in the now and flow with more light and more positive and healing frequencies.

The activation will awaken physical and spiritual gifts and abilities that have lied dormant within. Now you can be conscious of them and manifest them in your life.

Everyone can benefit from the Activation.

The activation will help to lift your energy and give you the energy and clarity to eliminate the blockages and start moving forward with your life.

AK Activation benefits:

  • More positive energy making you feel better and positive.
  • Awakening of spiritual gifts and abilities
  • More clarity and vitality.
  • Clearer ability to manifest
  • Stronger Intuition and new chakra system.
  • Clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns
  • More awareness of your soul connection and life purpose

1.5 hour session includes:

  • Full balancing of your energy field.
     increases your ability to receive and hold light.
  • Activation: An infusion of light awakening the divine codes of who you are. Clears blocks and stagnancy
  • Reading: A personal reading providing insight from both a physical body perspective as well as your spiritual evolution.
  • Includes: Aftercare cleansing morning and evening support frequency elixirs.

You only need to have this session once to be fully activated.