Shiatsu Bodywork

You can book a 1 hour session directly on the Little Escape site and you can get in touch with Lisabetta for further information or to discuss which treatment will be best for you.

shiatsu healing massageBoost your vital energy this Autumn with a relaxing, re-balancing and grounding shiatsu massage, helping to release tension and pain and free the chest, shoulders and neck.

TREATMENTS ARE AVAILABLE EVERY TUESDAY 10am to 1pm.  You can book online at

Shiatsu is a gentle traditional Japanese bodywork therapy with its origins in traditional oriental medicine with modern approaches to bodywork.  It is based  on the principal that we experience health and well-being  when we are in a state of balance and relaxed awareness.

Balance means that our energy (Chi in China, Ki in Japan) flows harmoniously along energy pathways  called Meridians.  This energy can become over-stimulated, blocked or depleted causing physical and emotional symptoms and a feeling of un-ease and un-balance in ourselves.

Shiatsu aims to smooth the flow of energy in your body, unblocking where stagnant and nourishing where depleted, stimulating your own self- healing abilities and returning you to a state of well-being and renewed energy.

Location:  The Little Escape Therapy Centre, 4 Paxton mews, Crystal Palace, SE19 3RW

60 mins session:  £65.

Book a 4 treatment package and receive 10% discount overall.