Shiatsu Bodywork

shiatsu healing massageShiatsu Bodywork

10% discount on shiatsu treatment throughout September.  Available Sundays 11-2pm.  Contact directly  Lisabetta or easily book online with The Little Escape website.

Shiatsu is a gentle traditional Japanese bodywork therapy with its origins in traditional oriental medicine with modern approaches to bodywork.  It is based  on the principal that we experience health and well-being  when we are in a state of balance and relaxed awareness.

Balance means that our energy (Chi in China, Ki in Japan) flows harmoniously along energy pathways  called Meridians.  This energy can become over-stimulated, blocked or depleted causing physical and emotional symptoms and a feeling of un-ease and un-balance in ourselves.

Shiatsu aims to smooth the flow of energy in your body, unblocking where stagnant and nourishing where depleted, stimulating your own self- healing abilities and returning you to a state of well-being and renewed energy.