lisabetta vilela photo small websiteDuring COVID-19 lockdown Lisabetta is offering her services online. Please go to ‘Monthly News’ for current online classes and healings.

Welcome to Harmonious Healing, founded by Lisabetta Vilela and offering a range of wellness Therapies, Healings, Activations and Classes on wellbeing, personal and spiritual development

I offer shiatsu therapy and energy healing modalities to release energy blocks, improve your vitality, manage anxiety and develope self awareness and spiritual growth.  All the therapies and classes aim to improve your health on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually wherever you need most.

A telephone consultation is advisable to determine the combination for your specific needs.

The Energy Healings work on your bio-energy field also known as your aura, chakras and meridians.  You want to have a healthy and clear aura that will greatly support physical, emotional and spiritual well being. You will always feel better after a session be it 30 mins or 60 mins.  With several sessions you will begin to eradicate the self limiting beliefs and energy and shift into a progressive and positive mindset and health.  Some modalities are one off sessions such as the Adam Kadmon Activation that activate the Divine Codes within your DNA awakening more of your soul/spirit and helping align with your true purpose.  A consultation is recommended to help choose the best healing for you.

It is highly recommended that new clients with a specific health / emotional needs have 5 consecutive sessions to get to the core of the issue and then have maintenance sessions (generally once or twice a month).

The classes are varied and help you learn meditation, esoteric learning, intuitive and spiritual developement.   A schedule of current classes and seminars are available on ‘Monthly News’

Whether that therapy focuses on the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual the idea is to help you to return to equilibrium within your body, mind and spirit.

Lisabetta can facilitate  physical healing as well as your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, integrating bodywork with energy sensitivity and meditation techniques such as correct breathing and somatic awareness so you may return to health and vitality.

harmonious Healing

Please take a look at the varied therapies and classes available if you wish help to:

  • Rebalance stress related issues;  body tension, pain, stiffness
  • Aid digestion
  • Relieve headaches
  • Help manage anxiety and depression
  • Increase vitality
  • Spiritual and Intuitive development

Treatment packages are available and bodwork and energy healing can be combined for integrated healing.   One session can be very healing and supportive but as with other therapies for long term change minimum 5 sessions are recommended in short succession followed by monthly sessions for a while.  This helps the body and mind integrate  the changes long term.  There is  no quick fix but the commitment is worth it.