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Welcome to Harmonious Healing, an eclectic range of therapies, healings and classes offered by Lisabetta Vilela, a Holistic Body and Energy Therapist.   The shiatsu and energy therapes rebalance your energy, eliminating stagnancy that create physical pain, emotional blocks and a lack of joy or purpose.  You will feel supported as Lisabetta gently facilitates your return to harmony and balance.

The classes offer you the chance to learn ancient ways to heal body and mind and for those who wish to learn meditation, Sunday 9.30am class is perfect.  Many of Lisabetta’s classes  help to awaken your spiritual awareness, connection and natural intuition.  These are empowering healings and classes to help you manage and eliminate the stresses in your life.

Whether that therapy focuses on the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual the idea is to help you to return to equilibrium within your body, mind and spirit.

Lisabetta can facilitate  physical healing as well as your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, integrating bodywork with energy sensitivity and meditation techniques such as correct breathing and somatic awareness so you may return to health and vitality.

harmonious Healing

Please take a look at the varied therapies and classes available if you wish to overcome:

  • Stress related physical problems;  tension, pain, stiffness.
  • Issues with backs, shoulders, neck.
  • low energy and fatigue;
  • Anxiety, headaches, sleep problem, digestion;
  • Low mood, depression, apathy;
  • Increase energy, balanced, increased self awareness;
  • Chronic and acute illness
  • Spiritual awareness and growth

Treatment packages are available and they can interchange according your particular needs or adapt as you go along on your healing journey.  Why not have bodywork and energy work with spiritual cleansing over 4 or 6 sessions.  This will ensure all of your beautiful self is treated as a ‘whole’ and will bring you to a sense of ‘wholeness’.  Complete and strong to face our modern life challenges.