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Welcome to Harmonious Healing, an eclectic range of therapies, healings and classes offered by Lisabetta Vilela, a Holistic Body and Energy Therapist.   I offer shiatsu body therapy and energy healing modalities to rebalance, transform energy blocks,  and encorouge healing for body, mind and spirit.  You may like to contact me for a telephone consultation to determine which therapies can help your specific needs.

Some people prefer the healing hands on approach of a physical massage in which case shiatsu will be perfect.  This is a traditional body therapy from Japan and uses the theory of Oriental traditional medicine such is used in acupuncture but using gentle stretches, acupressure and pressure to pressure points and energy meridian.  Your overall energy is assessed at your first session and tailor made session is developed to rebalance you.  Treatments are fully clothed on a couch or futon.

The energy healings work on your bio-energetic body (aura, chakras) to realign and cleanse so you can hold the highest vibration to assist physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  You will always feel better after a session be it 30 mins or 90 mins.  With several sessions you will begin to eradicate the self limiting beliefs and energy and shift into a progressive and positive mindset and health.  Some modalities are one off sessions that activate your DNA on an energetic level awakening aspects of your soul/spirit to fully integrate into your physical life making this session empowering like the Adam Kadmon Activation.  Other energy healing modalities you would have in sequence to heal on a deep level.*  Again a consultation may help you decide which is best or leave to my intuition when we meet.

* Research recommends that new clients with a specific health / emotional problem have 5 consecutive sessions to get to the core of the issue and then have maintenance sessions (generally once or twice a month).

The classes are offered monthly and you can see a summary in Monthly news.  These are meditation classes, specific healing classes and Women Goddess Circles.   These are empowering healings and classes to help you heal, flow with your creativity and empower your life.

Whether that therapy focuses on the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual the idea is to help you to return to equilibrium within your body, mind and spirit.

Lisabetta can facilitate  physical healing as well as your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, integrating bodywork with energy sensitivity and meditation techniques such as correct breathing and somatic awareness so you may return to health and vitality.

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Please take a look at the varied therapies and classes available if you wish help with:

  • Stress related physical problems;  tension, pain, stiffness
  • low energy and fatigue
  •  Headaches & digestion
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Increase vitality, rebalanced and self awareness
  • Spiritual development

Treatment packages are available and bodwork and energy healing can be combined for integrated healing.   One session can be very healing and supportive but as with other therapies for long term change minimum 5 sessions are recommended in short succession followed by monthly sessions for a while.  This helps the body and mind integrate  the changes long term.  There is  no quick fix but the commitment is worth it.