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Welcome to Harmonious Healing, an eclectic range of therapies, healings and classes offered by Lisabetta Vilela that will support and help you to shift physical and emotional blockages, increase energy and flow your natural vitality.

Whether that therapy focuses on the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual the idea is to help you to return to equilibrium within your body, mind and spirit.

Lisabetta can facilitate your physical healing as well as your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, mixing bodywork with energy work and meditation to bring you back to health and vitality.

harmonious Healing

Please take a look at the varied therapies and classes available if you wish to overcome:

  • shoulders and lower back issues;
  • tight achy muscles and joints;
  • low energy and fatigue;
  • stress related symptoms like anxiety, headaches, sleep problem, digestion;
  • Low mood, mental blocks, apathy;
  • Increase emotional and spiritual flow;

Treatment packages are available and they can interchange according your particular needs or adapt as you go along on your healing journey.