The Extraordinary vessels and psychological issues

Very Interesting blog by Johanna on her experience of working with the energy channels in the body (Shiatsu) and their phychological benefits.

Well Mother

I was teaching a course at the Shambhala Shiatsu School  in Vienna recently and Johanna Garnitschnig, who was assisting me, added a contribution of her connection with the Extraordinary Vessels, where she described their “inner landscape”. I liked the way she described them and invited her to write a piece about her experience of working with them. As well as being a shiatsu practitioner, Johanna is a clinical health psychologist and many of her clients come to her because of psychological issues.  She has found that working with the Extraordinary Vessels, has become a central core of her work.

You can read this blog in English (below) or German by clicking on the link 

My experiences with shiatsu working the extraordinary vessels in clients with psychological issues, by Johanna Garnitschnig

 Getting to know, experiencing and feeling the energy and power of the extraordinary vessels was, and is, like discovering…

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