Qigong Classes – Online

QIGONG means ‘working with your energy’ and a wonderful exercise for body awareness and self healing. We flow through specific movements aligned with focus, correct breathing and intention.  These movements of focused concentration and awakened sensation helps to calm the mind, relax the body and flow and strengthen your inner resources. With regular practise you feel calm and focused whilst your body learns to relax, soften and develp strength from the inside out. You feel Good!

This ancient art has been used in the orient to strengthen the body, improve posture, and unblock physical and emotional energy and invigorate your body and mind. The class is open to everyone including beginners.

You can book one to one class either outside in Beckenham Place Park or at The Little Escape in Crystal Palace. Book a group class for your friends, workplace or event. Please enquire.

You can also enjoy online qigong class from the comfort of your home through online classes via Zoom.

Group online £10 per class per person or £32 for 4 classes. Includes recording incase you miss a class.

Please email lisabetta@harmonious-healing.com to inqure the next classes.


The online classes uses zoom and the joining link is sent to you once you have booked.

Taoists consider Tai Chi and Qigong as one of the highest forms of Moving Meditation, harmonising Yang and Yin.  In Tai chi you move through a ‘form’ in a sequence of movements like a dance. Whereas Qigong movements can be practiced as a stand alone exercise and cultivates excellent grounding and rooting. They both cultivate flexibility, relaxation, mind focus, correct breathing and effective to relieve pain and transform stress into vitality.

Qigong is an internal practice by turning our focus inward and relaxing your “Monkey Mind” (the part of your mind that’s always thinking)… and “tuning in” to the deepest parts of you that is a great resource for healing and vitality. This is known to Taoist and Chinese Medicine and Qi or Chi; in other words: your essence, your life-force energy. 

Qi means energy. Gong means skill or cultivation. So Qi Gong is the skill of cultivating your life-force energy. 

As you continue to practice, you can expect to feel less pain and more freedom of movement. You can expect an improvement of blood circulation and flow throughout your entire body. You will learn correct breathing and tools to calm your mind whilst having a relaxed focus on what is happening internally.  Goodbye external stress – hello inner resources.

With regular practice Qi Gong can also help you restore hormonal balance, strengthen your internal organs, and eliminate tightness and soreness in your muscles and joints. We will learn the physical movement, correct breathing and the energy aspect of the exercise.

Please enquire to book your place for this class and for information on all current online classes or therapies please see Monthly news & classes