Galactic Ray Healing

Galactic Ray Healing is similar to Reiki, attuning each individual to the Energy of the Galactic Ray, the first ‘Creative’ energy.  Through the attunement on the etheric body, creative energy flows continuously to your body and energy.  These ‘rays’ are the highest form of Divinity that exists. It is uncreated and unmanifested. These rays literally are the first “creation” in the Galactic world and we exist as a part of.

This is a beautiful method that anchors 12 Rays of Ensof for you to take into the world and into your future creations. This work blends with other works and each session is a blend of whatever is needed to clear out before the anchoring.

It greatly assists when recovering from illness by anchoring and attuning the (Creative) Ensophic rays to your body. From hence you can flow creative energy to heal, manifest and empower yourself.  Attuning and channeling this energy empowers new creation.  This is a gentle but empowering healing of Light that benefits all.

The session will include aura balancing or emotional cord release according to your unique needs.


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