2023 Classes and Therapies for Empowered Wellbeing; body, mind and spirit.

Meditation Class Sunday 5th Feb, 10.00 – 11.00 £15 Balancing our emotions with Taoist meditation

Sanctuary Meditation Class Sunday 19th Feb 10.00 – 12.00 £37 Conscious connecting with our Higher Self – spiritual self

Divine Sacred Geometry Class – 25th Jan or 25th March, 10.00-14.00 £87 Attune & activate the energy in your room/house/space into a peaceful and enlightening sacred space for you to meditate, create heal and rest within.

For more information on Divine Geometry class see here:

Astral Travel ClassSaturday 25th March 16.00 – 20.00 £87 Learn to astral travel consciously and safely and to expand your knowledge and awareness. Pre-requisite is the Divine Sacred Geometry class to activate the primal geometries in your body.

Goddess Circles, £25 Imbolc Goddess Circle – Online – Wednesday 1st Feb, 7pm. Full Moon Circle – Online & in person 5th Feb, 7.30pm

Wiccan Wheel of the Year celebrations, Full Moon & New Moon gatherings; knowing the Divine Feminine in the nature around us and within us.


Energy reset & uplift package  –  3 sessions to  release the old, reset and upgrade for the year ahead.

SESSION 1:  Emotional release and re-balancing session with the Emotional Cord Release and Starseed (Sound) Healing.  Release emotional and stagnant energy from last year and start this new cycle feeling lighter and clearer. 

SESSION 2:  Upgrade your vibration with the AK Activation.  Time to activate the true potential within you, align with your soul purpose, clear ancestral baggage and get clearer intuitive guidance with this upgrade of light that will accelerate your spiritual and personal growth. Includes basic DNA reading and Cleansing Elixirs.

SESSION 3:  Assimilate and integrate your new flow, with this Chakra re-alignment and awakening session you will step out into a new positive and vibrant flow that will support many areas os your life. 

Sanctuary Meditation Class. Guided visualisations to connect with your Higher Self and gain guidance and messages to support your spiritual and personal growth.

Total Investment:  £297.  Includes 3 sessions, Sanctuary Meditation, Elixirs and Readings.

This is a great package to release the old and step into your own power.  This is the first step on the Mystery Tradition Path, to reveal hidden truths within each of us.

To book email Lisabetta@harmonious-healing.com OR book directily on The Little Escape website (see below) under ’60 mins Energy Healing’ to start your first session of this illuminating journey.

SHIATSU CORE PACKAGE:  Supporting your vitality and flow throughout the year the Shiatsu WAY.  Stay BALANCED mentally, emotionally and physically.  Address problems before they become illenesses. 

4 shiatsu sessions with 2 online qigong self help sessions including acupressure self-help, stress release techniques, grounding and centering for empowered health.

Total Investment £297. Contact for a free consultation to see if this package will meet your needs.

TREATMENTS are available EVERY TUESDAY MORNING 09.00 – 14.00 and Sunday 10.00 – 18.00 at The Little Escape Therapy Centre in Crystal Palace.

Book online here:  http://www.thelittleescape.com/contact/book-online/

If you have any questions or need guidance on the right treatment for you at this time in your life, please email Lisabetta@harmonious-healing.com

Browse the Testomonial section to find out people’s experience of the therapies.

The remote healings I create have been popular, hugely supportive and effective.  Supports your emotional and mental wellbeing and brings higher consciousness light, balance and positivity.  Helps you to know yourself better and utilize your own inner strength.  I use reiki and intuitive psychic healing sessions with channelled messages and support.  A consultation and chat is offered before each session if you wish.

1 session £50

For further information or to book your place, please check the  Contact page and get in touch with Lisabetta.

FREE Guided Meditation

Enjoy free audio guided meditations for relaxation and peace here

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