Equinox Meditation, Transformative Healing Packages & Classes.

Sunday 25th September. Equinox Meditation for Balance. 10am – 11am £15.

Join me for a Sunday Meditation to align with balance that the Autumn Equinox offers us. As we cross this important milestone of the year, equal day and night, let’s take some time for ourselves to center, ground and rebalance. Letting go, taking in. Allowing our mind and body to attune to our inner compass, and finding our own equilibrium, as we move into Autumn, the season of change. No experience needed. 5 people max.

Held at The Little Escape, Crystal Palace. Contact me to book your place. 5 places max.

Make 2022 the year you step into your full potential and awaken to the wonder that you are.

  • The Energy Reset & Uplift package Autumn is a transformative month of change. Release what no longer serves you, refresh and awaken into your full potential and align with your souls potential.
  • The Shiatsu Massage helps maintain good health and balance your flow of Chi (life force vitality) throughout the Winter, with lifestyle recommendations and acupressure self help for vitality of body and mind.
  • Sacred Geometry. This practical class attunes you energetically to the primal sacred shapes that define all the Universe. Once attuned to the 3 sacred geometries you will be shown an ancient way to create a protective and uplifted space in your home or work, that promotes an atmosphere of peace, creative flow and harmonious interaction. Self empowering tool to create sacred space wherever you go.
  • Join my Women Godess Circle to delve deeper into the importance of living with the cycles of the seasons, the moon cycle, and ultimatley see this reflected in our own bodies and experiences.
  • Online Qigong Classes will begin this Autumn. Learn a moving meditation exercise for health. Used in the East for 1000’s of years and the secret to longevity and balanced mody and mind. More news to follow soon.

Wishing you a refreshing Autumn season. Letting go of what you no longer need – taking the sweetness of the experience had and letting go what no longer supports you. Take your example from the Autumn leaves that graciously fall, and receive in new breathinspiration from the changing colours of beautiful nature.

Energy reset & uplift package  –  3 sessions to  release the old, reset and upgrade for the year ahead. 3.5hrs of energy based treatments, each one complimenting the next.  the package ncluds gifts, cleansing elixirs and individual reading and guidance.

3.5hrs of Energy based treatments, each one complimenting the next.  The package ncluds gifts, cleansing elixirs and individual reading and guidance.

SESSION 1:  Emotional release and re-balancing session with the Emotional Cord Release and Starseed (Sound) Healing.  Release emotional and stagnant energy from 2021 and start the year lighter and positive.  1 hour session.

SESSION 2:  Upgrade your vibration with the AK Activation.  Time to activate the true potential within you, align with your soul purpose, clear ancestral baggage and get clearer intuitive guidance with this upgrade of light that will accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.  1.5 hour session. 

SESSION 3:  Assimilate and integrate your new flow, with this Chakra re-alignment and awakening session you will step out into a new positive and vibrant flow that will support many areas os your life.  1 hour session

Investment:  £270.  Includes a complimentary guided Santuary Meditation class – Meeting your Higher Self and getting True Guidance. Class is maximum 4 people and lasts 1 hour, 45 mins.

This is a great package to release the old and step into your own power.  Align with expanded possibilities, and self realisation.

To book email Lisabetta@harmonious-healing.com OR book your first session under ‘1 hr Energy Healing’ directily on The Little Escape website (see below) and email Lisabetta to let her know this is your first session of the package.

SHIATSU SELF-MAINTENANCE PACKAGE:  Supporting your health throughout the year the Shiatsu WAY.  Stay BALANCED mentally, emotionally and physically.  Address problems before they become illenesses. 

4 X 1 HOUR SESSIONS FOR £234 (10% discount)

6 x 1 HOUR SESSIONS FOR £325 (1 free session)

Included will be Self-Help instructions, Qigong exercise, meditation tips and specific guidance to compliment your treatments and help you stay balanced in between sessions throughout the year.

DIVINE SACRED GEOMETRY CLASSGain sacred knowledge and apply this to effect positive and uplifting change to your personal space; your home, bedroom, studio, therapy room or workspace. Be empowered in your space.

Transform, energetically and vibrationally your rooms into flowing, uplifting and peaceful spaces, free from negativity and the imprints of past arguements, illness or work stress.  You will have the knowledge to quickly and effectively transform your home into light, expanded and calm spaces to enjoy, relax, meditate, sleep, create and work from. 

In this class you will learn to clear stagnant energy and uplift and transform the atmosphere of any room in your home –  after all your home is your sanctuary.  An uplifting energetic space supports your personal/spiritual growth, your well being and those you share space with.

Energy imprints of past arguements or illness can remain in buildings and rooms and can affect us, unconsciously or consciously.  There is no need whatsoever to live with this.  After this class you will know how to change the aptmosphere in your rooms for the better and you can do so easily without any props or tools.  You will just need yourself and the knowledge of the Sacred, Divine Geomtries!

If you have any questions about this class please don’t hesitate to contact me; lisabetta@harmonious-healing.com.

Investment:  £80 (Includes manual)

Venue:  The Little Escape Therapy Centre, 4 Paxton Mews, off Westow Road, Crystal Palace.

Book early as 4 people maximum for each class.

TREATMENTS are available EVERY TUESDAY from 10am to 1.45pm and every other Sunday 10am-6pm at The Little Escape Therapy Centre in Crystal Palace.

Book online here:  http://www.thelittleescape.com/contact/book-online/

If you have any questions or need guidance on the right treatment for you at this time in your life, please email Lisabetta@harmonious-healing.com

Browse the Testomonial section to find out people’s experience of the therapies.



Nature’s seasonal changes continues as we reach the peak of growth and celebrate the Summer Solstice.  This is where we pause, gather in communaty to enjoy the fullness of Summer, the vibrant energy of the Solar Sun and Mother Earth.   A wonderful circle to celebrate in nature at the Solstice weekend.

Through meditation, intention, movement and words we will give blessings and gratitude for the gifts of Summer and honour the Yang, active force of nature, the Universe and the Divine in the Sun God, the Gree Man and Herne the Hunter.  The 3 aspects of the God in nature.  We harness this potent energy to enliven our bodies, minds and hearts and expand fully into our creative lives.

Contact Lisabetta to book your place.

Preparation items:  Will be sent to you on booking.


These are 1 hour private sessions either in person at The Little Escape or on Zoom.

The meditation or/and Qigong session will include personal and spiritual guidance and support and tailored to your needs.  Contact Lisabetta to book your session.

1 hour session £60

 REMOTE HEALING session with Reading via Zoom

The remote healings I create have been popular, hugely supportive and effective.  Supports your emotional and mental wellbeing and brings higher consciousness light, balance and positivity.  Helps you to know yourself better and utilize your own inner strength.  I use reiki and intuitive psychic healing sessions with channelled messages and support.  A consultation and chat is offered before each session if you wish.

1 houe session £50

FREE Guided Meditation

Discover the new free audio guided meditations available here

2022 Women Goddess Circles and Magikal Moon Circles


Women circles gather women to connect and balance with  the natural world’s  and Universal energies around us. We will focus on awakening  the gifts of the divine and sacred feminine archetype within us.

We will connect with the seasonal Wheel of the Year  and moon cycles with the Celtic -shamanic and Taoist tradition through meditations, rituals and ceremonies.

For further information or to book your place, please check the  Contact page and send a message.

2019 Tai Chi & Qigong Classes – TBA

Learn with Lisabetta this 13 movements Yang style Tai Chi form in a 7 week course. Each class will include stretching and flexibility exercises, Chi self-massage, centering practices as well as step-by-step learning of the form.  You can also book a one to one training or collect your friends and colleauges into a group and I will come to you to train your group.

Venue: TBA

Price: £90

For further information or to book your place, please check the  Contact page and send a message.

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