April News & Classes

Healing Temple ~ Women Circle ~ Sacred Geometry


*Please note, there is NO class on 14th April and 21st April*.

Sunday morning meditation has been running successfully for 7 years. I am happy and ready to broaden the style and bring more depth and versatility to each meditation class.

  • Each class will still honour the correct basic method of meditation: body relaxation, correct breathing, mind cleansing and visualisation.  How this is weaved through the hour will depend on the group energy and what is needed and on the day.  It gives me much more versatility and gives you a much more bespoke and deeper meditation experience.

So I look forward to seeing in this class one Sunday morning soon!

THE RAPHAEL HEALING TEMPLE CEREMONY ~ Saturday 6th April, 6.15-8.30pm

A very special evening of deep healing.  This experience may change your life!.

This ceremony is conducted by Mystery School 3rd step Initiates, called Guides.  We will open the Gates of Heaven and allow the Ray of Raphael to come down into a specific area of the room.  This divine energy is directed toward those who are there for healing.  Each person is filled with the power and healing light of Archangel Raphael, the Master of All Healing.

Each person gets personal time in the temple which ensures each gets attention and your specific needs may be met.  Others partake of this divine light as a result.  This work creates a ripple of energy moving through our planet, bringing positive energy that is good for  everyone.  All those you love and connect to will benefit from your participation.

Let Archangel Raphael cut away the illusion of illness and suffering.  Allow Raphael to bring clarity and wisdom to your mind.

Everyone should come dressed in white clothing and bring a red rose as an offering to Raphael.

  • To book: lisabetta@harmonious-healing.com
  • Venue:  Training Points, 6 Coopers Yard, Crystal Palace,  SE19 1TN.
  • Investment:  £50.

DIVINE SACRED GEOMETRY ~ Friday, 26th April, 4-8pm.

A wonderful class presenting a unique opportunity to learn ancient and powerful techniques to help you create sacred space in your home, studio and workplace.  Shifting stagnant energy and elevating the vibration of your home to a positive energy (atmosphere) that supports healing, meditation and creative pursuits.  You will have the tools to create a peaceful and harmonious working environment that you and others can benefit from.  These techniques are easily learnt by anyone who has an interest in self empowerment and wants to develope their energy awareness further.  Here the spiritual and Geometrics of the Universe come together in a fun and practical learning experience.

WOMEN GODDESS CIRCLE ~ Beltane celebration.  Sunday, 28th April. 6-8.30pm

Join us to collectively celebrate the Beltane.  The wheel of the year shifts once again and brings us to the Spring celebration of, Beltane.  A magical time of fertility, raised energy and restored vitality.  We party with the fairies, elves and of course the joyful, fierce maiden goddesses.  This is a fun and joyous occasion so come and let loose and be your true Goddess self.

  • Guided Meditation
  • Making ceremony together.
  • Beltane ritual for fertility.
  • Divination and sharing.

This circle is open to women of all ages who wish to join collectively in celebration and re-aquainting of the sacred feminine and reclaim the ancient wisdom of Goddess.


FREE Guided Meditation

Discover the new free audio guided meditations available here

2019 Women Circles – Last Sunday of each month.

Women circles gather women to connect and balance with  the natural world’s  and Triple_goddess_greeting_cardUniversal energies around us. We will focus on awakening  the gifts of the divine and sacred feminine archetype within us.

We will connect with the seasonal Wheel of the Year  and moon cycles with the Celtic -shamanic and Taoist tradition through meditations, rituals and ceremonies.

For further information or to book your place, please check the  Contact page and send a message.

2019 Tai Chi Course – TBA

Learn with Lisabetta this 13 movements Yang style Tai Chi form in a 7 week course. Each class will include stretching and flexibility exercises, Chi self-massage, centering practices as well as step-by-step learning of the form.

Venue:Training Points6 Coopers Yard – Crystal Palace – London SE19 1TN

Price: £90

For further information or to book your place, please check the  Contact page and send a message.

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