Monthly News & Classes

HEALING MEDITATION,  Sunday 10am – 11am

After the August break classes begin again on 1st September, 8th Sept, 29th Sept. Special classes on 15 & 22nd Sept, see below for details on these.

Please join me for a special meditation class that is both healing and revitalising.

Using both eastern and western time honoured methods of meditation to improve:

  • Focus & Concentration
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Intuition

Experience feeling grounded and centered. Release the old and refresh.

DIVINE SACRED GEOMETRY   Saturday 3rd Aug, 10am – 2pm

This is a Mystery School class and thus has ancient and high level content and teaching.  The Divine Geometries are the basis of our manifested universe.  The building blocks of creation.  You will learn the theory of this and the practical experience of working with these geometries so you will be able to practically change the vibration (energy or atmosphere) of a room/space to a positive and uplifting energy.  You can then enjoy your space for:

  • Peaceful and Restful Sleep
  • Creative Pursuits
  • Healing and Meditation
  • Relaxing and De-stressing
  • Childrens room so peaceful sleep
  • And much more.

Get empowered by this class and learn to shift old, stagnant energy and be in a position to change the atmosphere in a room to a positive, lighter energy that supports you and your faminly or even your work place/studio.  This is an enlightening, fun and experiential class.  The tools you learn will last you a lifetime.

Open to all.

ASTRAL TRAVEL,  Saturday 3rd Aug, 4pm – 8pm.

This is another Mystery School class that follows beautifully after the Divine Geometry class.  Learn the theory, rules and preparation for true astral travel.  Sacred and high end methods and teachings that will blow away the myths of what astral travel is and what it isn’t!  How to travel safely and appropriatly.  Create your ‘vehicle’ so you can expand your consciousness and travel anywhere in the known and unknown universe.

This is a fascinating and practical class.  You will have all the tools you need to continue the practise of Astral Travel at home and gain knowledge that will enhance and evolve you spiritually.  Open to all.

Some meditation experience is beneficial and I recommend you attend the Divine Geometry class (above) first to enhance your experience.

WOMEN GODDESS CIRCLE ~  Sunday 4th Aug, 7.15pm – 9.15pm  Chakra Dancing and Abundance

At this time the summer shifts into the harvest season, known as Lammas.  The summer with it’s golden light and lazy days is about abundance in August.  It is a time to celebrate and enjoy being outside with family and friends and Mother Earth nurtures and nourishes us with the first harvest:  delicious ripe fruits, golden grain and summer vegetables.

Abundance is the key word here and we will celebrate with Jenny Lane who will lead a special and vibrant chakra dancing for our group.   Through this dance of 7 tunes and vibrations we will balance each chakra in turn.  It is fun and liberating.  At the end we will feel wonderful, in joy, in balance and vibrant.  We move with dance the stangnancy and blocks that may in in our chakras and we liberate them.  We can then fully flow the Universal (above) and Earth (below) vibrations within us merging and expanding within our body and we will be liberated with this dance! and it will all happen so very, very naturally!  So come and join us and have some fun.

FREE Guided Meditation

Discover the new free audio guided meditations available here

2019 Women Circles – Last Sunday of each month.

Women circles gather women to connect and balance with  the natural world’s  and Triple_goddess_greeting_cardUniversal energies around us. We will focus on awakening  the gifts of the divine and sacred feminine archetype within us.

We will connect with the seasonal Wheel of the Year  and moon cycles with the Celtic -shamanic and Taoist tradition through meditations, rituals and ceremonies.

For further information or to book your place, please check the  Contact page and send a message.

2019 Tai Chi Course – TBA

Learn with Lisabetta this 13 movements Yang style Tai Chi form in a 7 week course. Each class will include stretching and flexibility exercises, Chi self-massage, centering practices as well as step-by-step learning of the form.

Venue:Training Points6 Coopers Yard – Crystal Palace – London SE19 1TN

Price: £90

For further information or to book your place, please check the  Contact page and send a message.

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