Eygptian Magick – Isis Healing

A magickal healing ceremony of emotional death and rebirth

Have you been feeling scattered receltly or perhaps experiencing brain fog?

Have you been feeling emotionally drained?

You don’t have to stay stuck with the same old emotions, you can get rid of those heavy feelings.

From the ‘Family of Ra’ comes this Isis Re-birth ritual.  During the healing your old emotional patterns are released and you are ‘born again’ with a new energy body.  Through an ancient process your emotional energy field is cleared, stagnant emotional patterns released. Your energy body strengthened, mind clearer and you are ready to rebuild healthier relationship with your emotional self. A sense of space and a positive movement forward into happier experiences without being weighed down with old feelings.

With this rebirth alignment you can experience:

  • More vitality for daily living
  • Moving forward
  • A clearer mind
  • An emotional reset

This is a one-off session, that can support your emotional healing process. It is your choice after this session if you want a top – up session after 6 months have passed.

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