ADEPT TRAINING in a Holy & Sacred Lineage Path

Do you hear the inner call to step into your personal power and awaken to your spiritual potential, then Adept Training is for You

“Know Thyself” are the words enscribed on the inner temples of the ancient mystery schools

Mystery Schools have been around for 1000’s of years, guardians of sacred knowledge and Wisdom Keepers until humanity were ready to embody this knowledge and evolve consciously for the good of All Humanity. Your journey into the ancient mysteries begins here with Adept Training – A journey of personal evolution to be a true Lightworker and partake in the ‘Great Work’, unification of soul, spirit and body for true self empowerment and creative potential for joy and abundance in your reality.

In this 2-3 days of Adept training I will share with you hidden knowledge and sacred tools within the ancient mystery tradition that are sacred and holy to empower you in your life and aspire to create abundance in your life. Self-empowerment begins with a desire to be better, to be creative, and live a life of abundance and joy. We have that right and we just need the tools.

awakening-3Calling Seekers of Knowledge and Truth.

As an Adept you will begin to have more awareness of your life path being and your connection to the energies of Heaven and the Universe that are here to support you on your human journey in the physical. You will begin to understand and ‘master’ your ‘negative ego’ and self imposed limitations to bring more of your ‘positive ego’ into your consciousness. This awakened awareness transforms fear into love.

In this time of spiritual growth and human conscious evolution the ancient mysteries are availabe to to All who seek to know themselves fully as embodied spirit, soul and body. Once this knowledge was only offered to a ‘few’ now we are in a time of ‘no more secrets’ and thus this training is available to all who feel the call in their hearts.

Image Courtesy of @Skeylar Ginevra Bada

Physical Initiation gives to you:

  • 10 times more Light
  • 4 New Guides to support your spiritual evolution.
  • Connection  to the ‘spiritual’ contacts of the school
  • ‘The Great Work’ unifying body, soul and spirit to be an effective Lightworker.
  • Divine soul protection.
    • Sacred tools of empowerment to flow energy to create abundance in your life and greater awareness to move through obstacles.
    • Sacred and Holy tools to help you work on your self imposed limitations and realise the creative being you have the potential to be. This is known as ‘Know Thyself’

The Adept Training programme includes physical Initiation which makes things easier, the Light flows better – with more clarity. The consciousness of the individual is elevated.When we become an initiate we may feel that the powers that we have been drawing upon have in some way altered and become more physical and stronger. After an initiation we have physical connection with the powers of the universe and the magical current the school is sourced from, and thus we can more easily draw the powers of heaven.  The energy an Initiate works with is enhanced 10 fold, and the four elements and the four directions give us much more support than before.  Initiation confers the highest protection that one can have whilst incarnate, so can step forward with empowerment to do your ‘Good Work’ as a Light Worker.

As an Authorised Guide, Teacher and Ceremonial Master of Spiritual Mystery Schools it is my honour to welcome seekers onto this holy and sacred path and begin your journey of ‘Self Mastery’ and imbue your life with empowerment, Love and Wisdom in all you do.

An Adept is a person of higher knowledge. Herein the Adept has the tools to Master the Self. Isn’t this what we all seek as lightworkers? to be the best version of ourselves we can be whilst having a physical experience. Is it not our divine right to live and create in love and joy? yes it is! This lineage path will hand to you the sacred Keys to access this within yourself. The first step is the Adept Training and Initiation. Welcome!

‘When the Seeker is Ready the Teacher will come’