About me

Lis-Banner“The potential is in ourselves.”

Lisabetta Vilela has been exploring complementary therapies since 2000 with Reiki, Shiatsu bodywork, Chi exercises and Eastern philosophy to food and health. She graduated from the European Shiatsu School in 2007.

She now shares her knowledge to help others unblock their energy and begin to experience a more fulfilling and empowering life, using various tools like Shiatsu, Reiki, Life Activation, Energy Cleansing, Crystal Healing and Meditation.

Her professional and personal experience led her to expand her awareness of ancient therapeutic techniques that clean up our outer energy body and the benefits this has in all aspects of our health and growth. These therapies help to ‘clean-up’ and activate our energy and awaken within us a transformational healing process.Harmonious Haealing logo

Lisabetta aims to provide a safe space and compassionate support for you to explore your healing and return to harmony.

Lisabetta is a registered member of the the Shiatsu Society.org.

Also a Healer, Teacher, Guide and Ceremonial Master within the lineage of Spiritual Mystery Schools.  Facilitating the ‘Great Work’, to empower each person to fulfill their greatest potential and embody their true self, body, soul, spirit.