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“The potential is within ourselves.”

Lisabetta Vilela is a holistic body therapist exploring complementary therapies since 2001 with Reiki, Shiatsu oriental bodywork, Energy Healings, Meditation, Women Circles and Metaphysical classes to support your healing journey back to empowered wellbeing.

She loves to share her experience of the body and knowledge of the energy body to help others transform their energy, feel well, lighter and strong to manage the challenges of modern life integrating Shiatsu, Reiki, Energy Therapies, and Meditation techniques.

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Lisabetta aims to provide a safe space and compassionate support for you to explore your healing and return to harmony.

Lisabetta is a registered Shiatsu practitioner with the  Shiatsu Society.org and CNCH.

As a Energy bodyworker, Healer, Meditation teacher, Guide and Ceremonial Master within the lineage of Spiritual Mystery Schools, she facilitates the ‘Great Work’, to empower each person to fulfill their greatest potential and embody their true self: body, soul, spirit.  For to have the opportunity to become a Lightworker, in the truest sense of the word!