Mystery School Training for 2022

I have an eclectic range of classes that I love to teach and offer to people seeking to bettertheir health both physical, emotional and mental. Whilst also offering pwerful, fun and enlightening classes in spiritual development and personal evolution. Knowledge and sacred tools that have been around this ancient time, in the Mystery Tradition are shared to assist you to take charge of your space, your choices and your life plan.

The ancient adage ‘When the Seeker is ready, the Teacher will appear ‘ perfectly applies here. What are you seeking? what are you ready to know? Ask and I will do my best to assist.


Begin your journey into self empowerment and the path of ‘Know Thyself’. Receive sacred teachings, deep knowledge and sacred tools from the Mystery School Tradition. This knowledge has been hidden from the mundane for 1000’s of years and begins to answer the questions… ‘Who am I’ ‘Why am here’ ‘What am I here to do’. Receive sacred daily tools to keep your own personal energy clear and flowing and for you to create your sacred personal space. The Mystery Teachings will deepen your connection to the Divine and your Spiritual Guides to bring out the best version of yourself and co-create the life you envision for the highest benefit of yourself and your community.

Enhance your work as a Lightworker and receive ancient knowledge, tools of empowerment and protection and Divine guidance to co-create the life you want and manifest the best of you. The ancient saying when the ‘Seeker is ready, the Teacher will appear’ couldn’t be more true to this path.

Next Training: January/February 2023


A guided meditation to your personal sanctuary to meet your Higher Self. The soul aspect of youself, that knows you the best and thus can guide you the best. Make a conscious connection, seek guidance and feel the light and love of your own spiritual essence. (Sourced from Gifts Of The Spirit 2 day seminar. Created by Mama Laurie: Lady Eleonor. Steward of

Next Class: Sunday, 19th June, 10am – 12noon. Investment £45. 4 people max.


One of our greatest tools to discover inner peace and develope ourselves is the art of meditation. In spiritual traditions, tribes and religions an aspect of meditation is utilized to quiet busy mind and take a journey within. As within is where you will find the answers and the Wisdom. Though the techniques are simple, in our modern world, outer distractions rule, and it can feel challenging to pause and give ourselves time to BE and feel the benefit of this. With practice your meditations naturally evolve and can bring you much peace and a deeper sense of self.

In this 2 hour class I will lead you through several techniques of mindful and meditative experiences for you to begin a daily meditative practice or enrich your current practice. You will receive a manual and have at your disposal several methods to explore and choose the ones that suit best.

Sunday 3rd, 17th or 24th July. 10.00 – 12.00. £50.



Do you want to feel relaxed, peaceful and empowered in your home, workplace or studio?

In this class I will share with you the hidden knowledge of the primal geometries, attune them to your body and show you how to use this knowledge to uplift the energy and vibration in your home, or any other indoor space where you want to feel peaceful, creative, productive and relaxed. Knowing how to change the energy of a room to suit your highest good and those around you is an empowering skill indeed. I like to see this class as mystical feng shui. Open to all to learn. Deep and empowering knowledge does not have to be complex to learn! quite the oppposite – you need a curious mind, an open heart and a willingness to learn the unknown!

Your body will be attuned to the 3 primary divine geometric shapes, and you will be shown how to use this sacred knowledge to change the atmosphere in your room and create a space that is sacred, peaceful and aligned with the Divine. This will make you feel peaceful, relaxed and creative. Eliminate stagnancy, negativity and be in charge of the ambience of your space for your Highest Good and the benefit of those who share the space.

  • Clear stagnancy in a place and uplift the vibration of energy spaces like your home, offices, healing spaces, meditations space.
  • Create a Temple space for meditation, healing, relaxing, sleeping and being creative.
  • Elevate your vibration and connection to the Divine for increasing your self knowledge.

November 2022, 10.00 – 14.00. £87.




Please email me if you /are interested in any of the classes and seminars of the Mystery Tradition path and receive the KEY to Mastery of the SELF.