Unified Chakra Awakening

This healing opens in your energy field a whole new chakra system of 2,418 chakras positively affecting your nervous system and body processing.

As a result, you will experience an increasing spiritual awakening and your sensitivity will reach up to 30%. If you have had the Adam Kadmon ‘DNA’ Activation you will awaken fully – up to 80% – 100% of your potential!

This new chakra system helps the body hold more Light which is essential in transforming addictions and balancing metabolism.  After receiving AK Activation this healing is highly recommended to support the process of the Lightbody.

Investment:  £65, 1 hour treatment.  This treatment is combined with aura balancing  and cleansing.  This will be decided in the session based on your unique needs.

Sessions on Sunday, Wednesday and Sunday.

The Little Escape, 4 Paxton Mews, Off Westow Street, Crystal Palace.  SE193RW.