Samurai Shiatsu for children

 Samurai shiatsu

Lisabetta is very excited to be one of the first to bring the Samurai School Programme to London schools.

This is a practical programme, developed in Germany by Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke, that uses movement and builds perceptiveness, promote healthy postures, strengthens body awareness and improve the ability to concentrate in children aged 5 to 12 years old (Reception to Year 7).

All students can perform all exercises independently and effectively after three practise sessions.

Coming to school once a week for three weeks, Lisabetta will teach pupils and teachers tPlakat_kl_klhe designed Samurai Shiatsu massage exercises in an easy and fun way.

Each weekly session last up to 45 minutes. Neither tables nor chairs have to be moved. After the three weeks, teachers will be able to lead the sessions themselves.

Whole school workshops for teachers and/or parents can also be arranged.

This programme proved to be very successful in Germany, Switzerland and Austria over the last few years and is now being funded by the German government to make it available in all national schools.

The Samurai Programme can be taught also at after school clubs, youth groups, sports groups and centres, Brownies and Woodcraft Folk.

Further information: Lisabetta 07980798441

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