Pregnancy Shiatsu

shiatsu for leaflet  pregnancy Shiatsu is a gentle and nurturing therapy during a womans’s pregnancy.  Although pregnancy is a happy time for most women, in our stressful times the pregnant woman requires much nurturing and support and SHIATSU provides a non-intrusive treatment that is supportive, calming and relaxing.

Shiatsu helps to support a woman through the emotional and physical changes of pregnancy and help prepare the woman emotionally and physically for labour. Physical problems and emotional and mental stress can be eased with regular Shiatsu treatments that help re-balance the flow of energy both for mother and baby.


shiatsu for leaflet pregnancy

Shiatsu is adapted to the individual needs of the expectant mother and all stages will benefit from Shiatsu. You can incorporate regular treatments throughout pregnancy as your needs will change as your body changes.  Usually treatments begin in the 2nd trimester and continue throughout, preparing the body for labour and postnatal to support and reinforce the mother’s energy.


  • Lower backache
  • Joint pain
  • Tiredness
  • Insomnia, anxiety
  • Calms
  • Helps to prepare mother physically and emotionally for labour

Treatments take place on a futon, fully-clothed and supported with pillows and cushion for comfort.