Tai Chi Course

Discover and experience the simple yet effective and graceful movements of Tai Chi, the ancient “moving meditation” from the Orient.

Learn with Lisabetta this 13 movements Yang style Tai Chi form in a 7 week course. Each class will include stretching and flexibility exercises, Chi self-massage, centering practices as well as step-by-step learning of the form.

The health benefit of Qigon and Taichi have been well-known for centuries in the East and now are making their impact experienced in the West. You will enhance your body awareness, grounding, balance and coordination. You will discover the innate energy known as CHI learning to harness and cultivate.

Further reading on Tai Chi Qigong health benefit:

  • Muscle Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Aerobic Conditioning (Harvard)
  • Increased mineral bone density, boosted endurance, strengthened lower body, eased depression. (Reuters)
  • Boost both in alpha brain waves, suggesting relaxation, and beta waves, indicating strong focus. It has the dual benefit of relaxing you, but also sharpening your mind. ( Wall Street Journal)

To see a visual of this Tai Chi form, you can access free video tutorials called Tai Chi by Numbers created by my Master Taoist Teacher Kris Deva North – showing step-by-step learning.

Available also QIGONG CLASSES in Beckenham place park (May – October)

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