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During this unique situation that we are all connected with, I am offering online support to you with online meditation classes and individual remote healings.   If you need support I offer remote support via Facetime, Zoom, Messenger and phone.



Using Zoom online platform you can experience the gentle and peaceful meditations to bring clarity, release anxiety, renew your energy .  Each class will flow with that days energy and focus on a unique theme of nature and contemplation.

  • Special offer:  £5 each session
  • Wednesday 6th May 6-7pm / Saturday 9th May 11am- 12Noon
  • To book:


Learn and practise fundemental ways of using you breath, intention and mudras (physical movement) for centering, grounding, balancing and relaxing.  Learn how to refocus and strengthen your intention on positive outcomes.  Small groups.


I offer remote reiki healing sessions with divine channelled guidance/healing and meditation support.  A consultation and chat is offered before each session.  You can receive these healings sessions from the comfort of your own space.


Centering and choosing to reconnect with the Moons energy at the Full Moon can help us to reset our energy and focus.  Join me on this evening to press pause….and reset you intestions and focus in the light and intuitive energies of the Moon and her Goddesses.


What is intuition?  Is it valued?  It is an essential part of our self awareness.  It has been shoved to the back of the class in terms of skills and abilities to be learnt and nurtured.  Yet it it one of our most important gifts that will ensure we are guided and assisted to make the right choices and the right time! And to help us understand deep questions as ‘who AM I’ and ‘what is my purpose’.

In these classes I will share with you ancient and time honoured exercises that will develope and evolve your spiritual gifts:  Your inner sight (clairvoyance), inner listening (clairaudience) and feeling and sensing (clairsentience).  These are your Intuitive senses that you channel through higher guidance and knowledge.  I will show you  how to use these gifts and take meditative journeys to your sanctuary and how to connect and channel your Higher Self so you get the guidance and truth that you need from a most reliable source, You at a higher vibration.


Shiva Lingham Magick

We will work with the mystery teachings of the Hindu pantheon and the sacred Shiva Lingham Egg that represents Shaki, the Divine Feminine with the ceative Divine Masculine element to create a talisman of magickal power and protection to serve you for 2020.

We will Meditate, ground and center. We will work with two sacred tools using ancient Words of Power and action to charge our Egg.

To book your place please reply here. Places limited. This circle includes your Egg and Varja that you keep.

  • Venue:  Training Points, 6 Coopers Yard, Church Steet, Crystal Palace, SE191TN
  • Investment: £30 plus £15 for your Shiva Lingham and Varja
  • Enquiries:

FREE Guided Meditation

Discover the new free audio guided meditations available here

2019 Women Circles – Last Sunday of each month.

Women circles gather women to connect and balance with  the natural world’s  and Triple_goddess_greeting_cardUniversal energies around us. We will focus on awakening  the gifts of the divine and sacred feminine archetype within us.

We will connect with the seasonal Wheel of the Year  and moon cycles with the Celtic -shamanic and Taoist tradition through meditations, rituals and ceremonies.

For further information or to book your place, please check the  Contact page and send a message.

2019 Tai Chi Course – TBA

Learn with Lisabetta this 13 movements Yang style Tai Chi form in a 7 week course. Each class will include stretching and flexibility exercises, Chi self-massage, centering practices as well as step-by-step learning of the form.  You can also book a one to one training or collect your friends and colleauges into a group and I will come to you to train your group.

Venue: TBA

Price: £90

For further information or to book your place, please check the  Contact page and send a message.

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