Full Moon Goddess Meditation – Sunday 16th March 5.30-8pm

Full Moon Goddess Meditation – Sunday 16th March 5.30-8pm

Join us on a journey to connect deeply with the Full Moon to bring the powerful energy of the Goddess Ishtar, also known as the ‘Bringer of Light’.

GoddessIshtarIshtar is an ancient Babylonian Goddess connected with the divine feminine within all of us, whether we are male or female. We all have the power to create in our life; this powerful Goddess will assist us with our sexuality and fertility, and help us to manifest our deepest desires. Inner Yin Meditation and visualisation journeys to connect you with your deepest desires and bring in the powerful aspect of the Feminine quality of Creating and manifesting. So you can manifest in the practical your deepest desires and goals. Perfect for Spring. The time of year for putting your ideas and plans into motion.

No experience needed! Just an open mind and heart

When: Sunday 16th March 5.30-8pm

Price: Prebook £20

Where : BASS, Tunstall Studios, 34-44 Tunstall Road Brixton – SWA 8DA

Contact: Lisabetta 07980798441

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