Aura Healing

aura repairYour energy field (aura) is complex and beautiful. Like our physical bodies it benefits greatly from regular ‘cleaning’.

Our lifestyle, stress, thoughts and emotions and other peoples negativity and stress can effect our aura causing blockages, that impede our ability to flow positive energy, retain good health and manifest in our lives.

This healing will repair holes, cold and stagnant areas in the aura to bring your energy field to optimum health and vitality. Surrounding your physical body with a whole, light and vibrant energy field.

More Light and energy in the aura means increased flow and vitality in your body, mind and spirit, helping you in all aspects of your life.

This treatment is non-intrusive and gentle and suitable for everybody and it last 45 mins.

This is a stand alone treatment or combine with Life Activation for a complete energy care package.