Crystal Healing – Laying On Stones

crystal healing Ancient crystals have a magical energy.
They are used to help transform people’s lives and bring in higher levels of awareness, understanding, clarity and focus.

You can book a session to bring in transformation for relationships, good fortune and physical health improvement. The Crystal Healing is very grounding, nurturing and cleansing helping you feel lighter, aligned, revitalised and in a good place to deal positively with life challenges.

Ancient Crystal Healing Layout

This is an ancient Crystal Healing to bring about deep renewal. It assists healing in a number in all areas including the mind, emotions, physical, spatial perception (left & right), relationships, libido, internal physical problems as well as bringing about clarity of  mind and empowerment. This is a profound healing that sends you deep into Theta and you will awake refreshed and joyful to resume life!

Crystal Healing will be combined with Energy Balancing or Emotional Cord Release for complete healing and clearing session.

Investment:  £60, 1 hour treatment.

Treatments available Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday at The Little Escape, 4 Paxton Mews, Off Westow Street, Crystal Palace.  SE193RW.

crystal healings