Energy Healing Packages

Our energy hygiene is a very important aspect of our overall wellbing and self maintenance. Lisabetta offers 1 hour and 1.5 hour energy healing sessions, which includes several healing modalities to suit your specific needs (see below for describtions of each healing). Please feel free to get in touch with Lisabetta to discuss your energy cleanse needs.

Lisabetta is offering the Energy Cleanse and Uplift Package for 2022, to assist elevating your vibration and living life in joy and balance. Includes free Higher Self 2 hour meditation class.


3 sessions to express your vitality in your life with a fresh outlook for your body, mind and spirit. The sequence of healings with final free guided meditation class is created to be deeply healing, uplifting and empowering, Reach clearer awareness and vitality to make positive choices for your health and life.

  • Session 1 – Release emotional cords with people and situations from your past and have more vitality to enjoy the present moment. Complete with sound therapy to feel energised, lighter and positive. 60 minute session.
  • Session 2 – Uplift and reset for the year ahead. Receive a flow of divine light which assists to awaken your physical and spiritual gifts and abilities. Improve your intuition and connection to your soul and your life purpose. You will receive the Adam Kadmon Activation that Includes aura balancing and cleansing drops. This is a one-off activation of Light that awakens your inner gift and abilities and bring you closer to your intuition while giving you renewed clarity and vitality – 90 mins session.
  • Session 3: “Chakra Unified Awakening” will help you to assimilate and expand the light and vitality that flows through you after session 2. You will live your life with increased self awareness and self confidence in your choices. 60 minute session