Sanctuary Meditation

Sanctuary Meditation- chakraThis specialised guided meditation will help you to connect consciously with your ‘Higher Self’, sometimes known as your higher intuition.

Some people are well attuned to their intuition and others may need help to develop this connection. During this meditation which uses the chakra system, sacred geometric symbols and visualisations,

You will be guided into your individual sanctuary where you will be shown how to connect with your Higher Self.  You will then have the tools to begin developing this practise at home, so you can seek advise and guidance from the very best source..You!.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn a profound yet easy to follow technique that takes you on a journey to your Higher conscious where you will begin to expand your knowledge of true self!

A beautiful experience not to be missed.

This is a 2 hour class held monthly in south-east London.

Please enquire for the next scheduled class.