Adept Training Programme

emotional cord realising“When the student is ready the teacher will appear”.

Are you ready to progress and evolve spiritually? Your journey into the ancient mysteries begins here.

Learn sacred and ancient tools that will allow you to experience a life of abundance filled with beauty, creativity and majick.
Through 3 days of Adept training I will share with you ancient and sacred knowledge to prepare you for physical initiation into the Mystery School Tradition with all the benefits, renewed energy, skills and empowerment this brings.

As an Adept you will begin to have more control of your destiny, being able to understand and harness the forces of nature and universe to create a more fullfilled life. With this knowledge comes responsibility to ‘know thyself’. You will begin to understand and ‘master’ your own negative self and self imposed limitations in order to move into an empowered state of being and shift from fear into love.

In this time of spiritual growth and awareness the ancient mysteries are availabe to seekers of truth and sacred knowledge.

This Adept training program introduces you to the concepts of Initiation so that you may determine if the Initiatory path is YOUR path. It also prepares you for service as a Lightworker serving yourself, your community and humankind in partnership with the Hierarchy of Light.

As a Guide, Teacher and Ceremonial Master within the lineage of the 12th Ray Mystery School I am authorised to support you through the Adept Training and Initiation.

The teachings shared with you will include Cosmology, Hermetics, Shamanic practice and Kabalah.

Here are the benefit of Adept Initiation:

  • 10 times more energy and light.
  • Four new spirit Guides to support your spiritual growth.
  • Special connection to the divine beings of Light.
  • Partake in the ‘Great Work’. Unified body, soul and spirit to be an effective Lightworker.
  • Divine protection.
  • Sacred tools of empowerment to keep you healthy, vital and positive.If you hear the call to step up in your personal and spiritual evolution the next Adept training is scheduled for:

    Next Date:  7th – 8th December 2019

    Venue:  London. SE26.

    Investment:  £330

    Please contact if you are ready to book or for further information.

    Blessings, Lisabetta.