ADEPT TRAINING In The Mystery Tradition Lineage Path

If you hear the call to step up in your personal and spiritual evolution the next Adept training is scheduled for

9th – 10th July 2022

Venue:  Bromley BR1
Investment:  £440  All inclusive.

Mystery Schools have been around for 1000’s of years, guardians of sacred knowledge and Wisdom Keepers of Truth until humanity were ready to embody this knowledge and evolve consciously for the good of All Humanity.  Your journey into the ancient mystery tradition lineage path begins here.

Learn sacred and ancient tools that will allow you to experience a life of abundance filled with beauty, creativity and magick.
Through 2 days of training I will share with you ancient and sacred knowledge to prepare you for physical initiation into the Mystery School Tradition with all the benefits, renewed energy, skills and empowerment this brings.

awakening-3Calling Seekers of Knowledge and Truth.

As an Adept you will begin to have more control of your soul path being more connected to  the energies of Heaven and the Universe to begin your learning to ‘Know Yourself’ and embody more of your spiritual essence in the physical and create from this. You will begin to understand and ‘master’ your ‘negative ego’ and self imposed limitations bring more of your ‘positive ego’ into your choices, this brings an empowered state of awareness that shifts you from fear into love, from ‘unworthiness’ to awareness of your Divine connection and that you can embody more of your spirit essence into your physical life and empower your choices.

In this time of spiritual growth and conscious evolution the ancient mysteries are availabe to to All who seek Truth and sacred knowledge and tools that were kept hidden and only open to few.  We are in an era of ‘No More Secrets’ and they Mystery Training is available if one is ready to step onto this sacred and holy lineage.


Image Courtesy of @Skeylar Ginevra Bada

The Adept Training programme includes physical Initiation which makes things easier, the Light flows better – with more clarity. The consciousness of the individual is elevated.When we become an initiate we may feel that the powers that we have been drawing upon have in some way altered and become more physical and stronger. After an initiation we have physical connection with the powers of the universe and the magical current the school is sourced from, and thus we can more easily draw the powers of heaven.  The energy an Initiate works with is enhanced 10 fold, and the four elements and the four directions give us much more support than before.  Initiation confers the highest protection that one can have whilst incarnate, so can step forward with empowerment to do your ‘Good Work’ as a Light Worker.

As an Authorised Teacher and Guide of The Spiritual Mystery Schools it is my honour to welcome all seekers of Truth onto this sacred path and start your journey of ‘Self Mastery’ and imbue your life with empowerment, Love and Wisdom in all you do.

Here are the benefits of Initiation as an Adept:

  • 10 times more energy and light.
  • Four new spirit Guides to support your spiritual growth.
  • Connection  to the spiritual ‘contacts’ of the school.
  • ‘The Great Work’ unifying body, soul and spirit to be an effective Lightworker.
  • Divine protection.
  • Sacred tools of empowerment to keep your energy flowing and vital.