Adept Training Programme

emotional cord realisingAre you ready to progress and evolve spiritually?.  Learn sacred and ancient tools that will allow you create 10 times more, be abundant 10 times more, love more, know more and experience a life filled with beauty, creativity and majick?. Then continue to read about the Adept Class.

Your journey into the ancient mysteries begins here.  For millenium the mysteries have been handed down in the oral tradition, ensuring that sacred and divine teachings, tools and rituals be preserved and taught with the correct authority.  Through 3 days of Adept training I will share with you ancient and sacred knowledge to prepare you for physical initiation into the Mystery School with all the benefits, renewed energy, skills, knowledge and empowerment this brings.

As as Adept you will begin to have more control of your destiny and understand, control and harness the forces of nature and universe to create a more fullfilled life.  With this power and knowledge comes responsibility to ‘know thyself’ and begin to understand and ‘master’ your own negative self and self imposed limitations and move into an empowered state of  creativity.

In the past the Adept and Mystery schools were hidden.  You needed to be invited to prove your worthiness to receive this divine, sacred teachings and tools.  In this time of human evolution of spirit and involution, the ancient mysteries are availabe to seekers of truth and sacred knowledge and be ‘Masters’ of themselves.   Adepthood are revealed over time through curriculum and graded teachings of the Mystery traditions.  These teachings lead each Initiate to complete the great work (which is defined as the union of the body, soul, and spirit) during the physical lifetime.

This Adept training program introduces you to the concepts of Initiation so that you may determine if the Initiatory path is YOUR path. This program prepares you for service as a lightworker serving humankind in partnership with the Hierarchy of Light.

As a Guide, Teacher and Ceremonial Master with the Spiritual Mystery Schools, under the 12th Ray Mystery School I am authorised to lead you through the Adept Training and Initiation.  Our authority and lineage is to the North American Tradition, Metratron and Merlin with special connection to Sandalphon’s 12th Ray Mystery School anchored here in the UK.  Each Human Mystery school has it’s own speciality work, purpose and teachings.

The teachings shared with you are include cosmology, esoteric, shamanic and Celtic Kabalah.

Here are the benefit of Adept Initiation:

  • 10 times more light, more energy than you were born with to support your good work and purpose.
  • Four new spirit guides to support your spiritual growth.
  • Special connection to the divine beings of light known as the Hierarchy of Light.
  • Begin the ‘Great Work’.  Unified body, soul, spirit to be an effective lightworker.
  • Divine protection
  • Sacred tools to keep you healthy, vital and positive.

If you hear the call to step up in your personal and spiritual evolution the next Adept training is scheduled for:

Date:  30th, 31st May and 1st June.

Venue:  Sydenham, London. SE26.

Investment:  £333  (Book your place with £100 non-refundable deposit).

An ancient saying goes: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”.  Please contact me if you wish further information.

Blessings,  Lisabetta.