Have you been ‘Pricked’ today? A Sunday morning musing.

Has your mind been pricked today? Our reality begins in our minds. What do we allow into our minds is up to us, it’s our responsibility. On waking this morning what state of mind did you create? Did you allow yourself a slow awakening, letting thoughts drift on future dreams, awareness of your body, or feelings. Did your thoughts take you to a past memory or a reflective musing? Are you aware of yourself awake, experiencing a new morning? Creating a sense of ‘now-ness’, an inner space of wellness. Or were you pricked from outside – inside your inner space?

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

On first awakening did you grab your phone and look at social media platforms, checking messages and news? Did articles, messages and news penetrate your state of mind and change your state of being, from a sense of now-ness, peaceful inner space as you lay in the morning light, to a penetration of articles, messages and news that stimulates, prompts and pricks your consciousness with outside influence?

Now you are stimulated, awake, agitated, restless, the news you read pricking your mind and stiring feelings and thoughts that no longer originate from your wholesome center. Your peaceful space pricked by the outside world that you unconsciously (usually) let into your mind space. So next time try this: just awake, lay there peacefully, quietly scanning your body and allowing your mind to drift, following your breath, just being here. Create your sanctuary of wellness for this moment. Do not reach for the phone and open your messages. Stay in this present moment, enjoy the space and peace it offers and the visions that flow. Then continue with your awakening routine; wash, stretch, walk, breakfast. And then at the last, if you wish, pick up that phone, see your messages. At least now, you are consciously allowing the outside world to ‘prick’ your reality on your terms!