Free Guided Meditations

Free Guided Meditations

A collaboration with Vanessa Potter – Patient H69

I am happy to present two short visualisations Vanessa Potter,  the author of the inspiring book ‘Patient H69 The Story of my Second Sight’, Michael (our audio expert) and I created which offer you an insight into guided meditation and will help you relax.

2016-05-05-13-51-22Vanessa attended my Sunday morning Meditation class since she lost her sight 5 years ago after developing overnight an extremely rare neurological condition called NMO. Through her own self-development work, while facing the fear and anxiety of her condition, she embarked on a multi-facet research which included neuroscience and meditation/visualisation experience.

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Vanessa when she asked me to create and record two audio-guided meditations scripts, The Beach and The Forest, with the background music by Michael.

Please feel free to experience them and share.

Find a quite environment where you can enjoy the tracks and will not be disturbed. Do not use whilst driving.

Leave me a comment if you enjoyed them.

In Balance,


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